Successful Satellite Testing

Successful Satellite Testing

At Zero 2 Infinity we are very happy to have successfully tested Aistech’s first satellite in Near Space. Aistech’s nanosatellite network will soon be getting valuable information from Earth, particularly in the Infrared Spectrum.

Aistech Flight Press

At Zero 2 Infinity we can affordably test satellite components and complete satellites in space-like conditions. We flew Aistechsat 1 on our Sub-Orbital platform, on May 20th 2016. Our client could test their satellite’s on-board computer, energy systems and communications systems. The nanosatellite reached an altitude of 27,946m and was safely recovered.

We are looking forward to another test flight with Aistech, scheduled for September 2016, due to the successful and insightful results obtained from the first one.


At Zero 2 Infinity we are open for business to test your satellite in Near Space. If you want to know more about the missions we can perform for you, click above.