How we do it

Learn how we take your satellite from pick-up to orbit


The balloon lifts the rocket through the densest parts of the atmosphere. Instead of fighting gravity, we use it to our advantage. The rocket only ignites in almost-vacuum conditions, where there is virtually no drag and rockets work at full efficiency. We can also accommodate a larger payload than usual. This is the environmentally friendly way to put satellites into precise orbits!

The huge amount of available space inside the Bloostar payload area enables us to be flexible about the size and shape of the satellites we launch. This simplifies satellite design, allows you to pack more powerful features on board of it and reduces the need for folding parts. We are able to do this because in close-to-vacuum conditions, where the rocket is used, aerodynamics are not such an important factor. Your satellite is kept safe through the launch by a lightweight fairing that covers the payload.

Bloostar Payload User Guide

Why Bloostar?

  • High Volume Capacity

    With greater volume capacity, your satellite can pack more functionalities.

  • Your Orbit, Your Date

    Choose your orbit, altitude and launch date. Assuring better coverage and better quality data.

  • Simplified Launch

    The rocket is ignited above 99% of the mass of the atmosphere, which simplifies the launch process.

  • Freedom

    Get more freedom with your own private launch and for the same price as being a secondary payload.

  • Cost Effective Constellations

    Rapidly achieve a full planetary perspective for faster, better and more valuable data.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    Emissions take place outside the atmosphere.

The miniaturization of electronics is opening the opportunity for small satellites to provide new services to the world, from better climate prediction or real-time mapping to Internet everywhere. Bloostar is the game-changer that empowers the New Space revolution: low cost dedicated access to Space for small payloads.