Launch your satellite

Test your satellite in Near Space or launch it into orbit


Place satellites weighing less than 100 kg into orbit. Perfect for companies, and education and research facilities. We will manage the entirety of your launch: from pick-up to orbit. By using just the right combination of buoyancy from the balloon and reaction forces from the rockets we can place your satellite in an exact orbit at a fraction of the cost and complexity required until now.

From 1 to 100 kg

Satellite volume up to 2.4 m3

75 kg SSO

Bloostar Payload User Guide

Near Space

Test payloads weighing up to 6 tonnes in conditions similar to orbit. Payloads will be retrieved after the test is complete. We will manage the entirety of the test launch: from pick-up to the safe return of your payload and data.

Test your payload in Near Space conditions

Fully managed pick-up, test and return

Payloads up to 6 Tn. Altitudes between 20-40 km

Zero 2 Infinity Elevate

Range of opportunities

Choose your altitude, your configuration and your date within the ranges below. We adapt the location to your needs from high seas to desert. Contact us for more information.

Near Space
100 kg
6 T
600 km
40 km
2.4 m³
45 m³
3 to 6 months
2 to 3 months